The Book of “Quotations” for People Who Hate “Quotations”

It’s Christmastime! That means it’s the special season when we crassly try to sell you products! We’ve got a special treat– a new book called The Book of “Quotations” for People Who Hate “Quotations”. So apparently, what authors do these days to promote their books is make a movie trailer. Yeah, you read that right. […]

Perfectly Ridiculous

The Twisted Tidings booth at the national stationery show is meant to be ridiculous. We wanted to do a “dysfunctional family portrait” to hang over the booth’s fake fireplace. This is the result: Our subjects captured the joy and fulfillment that only a loving married relationship can create. The idea is that, from a distance, […]

The Most Bestest Story Ever Told!

Twisted Tidings is getting ready for our first appearance at a greeting card industry trade show: the National Stationery Show. To do this, there are a ton of boring logistical issues that need to be sorted out. But because this is Twisted Tidings, we face a couple of completely preposterous problems. Preposterous Problem #1: How […]