Perfectly Ridiculous

The Twisted Tidings booth at the national stationery show is meant to be ridiculous. We wanted to do a “dysfunctional family portrait” to hang over the booth’s fake fireplace. This is the result:

Our subjects captured the joy and fulfillment that only a loving married relationship can create.

The idea is that, from a distance, it will look like a regular photo, but on closer inspection, you note the pill bottles, the booze, and, yeah, the panties hanging out of the husband’s suit pocket instead of a pocket square.

It’s meant to be inspired by a painting by 18th century English artist William Hogarth, who painted a series of paintings about the dangers of marrying for money. In this painting, the newly married couple are already spending nights apart.

Hogarth painted some funny shit for the 18th century.

The wife, looking satisfied and cat-like, has been sctupping someone else. The husband is clearly hung over and, yes, those are women’s undergarments in the husband’s pocket. Hogarth is nasty enough to have the dog sniffing them.

Making the portrait was a good time– we had great models! But I was disappointed by my Target’s lingerie selection. I had gone to Target to pick up a few of the props and things and finally had to walk into the lingerie section. I’m not shy, but the women there (I’m a man) were clearly bothered by me shopping for panties. One of them looked like she was about to call security. It wasn’t until a day later that I realized why: I was carrying panties, a baby doll and duct tape.

Yeah, I would have called security too.

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