The Most Bestest Story Ever Told!

Twisted Tidings is getting ready for our first appearance at a greeting card industry trade show: the National Stationery Show.

To do this, there are a ton of boring logistical issues that need to be sorted out. But because this is Twisted Tidings, we face a couple of completely preposterous problems.

Preposterous Problem #1: How do you flame-proof a deer head?
Everything at the trade show needs to be flame-proofed! You might ask: how can a paper trade show be fireproof? The Fire Marshall is apparently willing to overlook the fact that every single exhibit is going to be stocked with (presumably flameable) paper products.

BUT everything else must be flame-proofed. And that includes the deer head.

Our exhibit is supposed to be set in a slightly run-down McMansion– it looks nice on the inside, but is obviously worn-dorn. We were trying to come up with ways to convey that when we ran across the deer’s head.

It turns out you can find anything on Craig’s List

The deer’s head is pretty sorry– everytime you pick it up more of its hair falls off. But because it’s going into the exhibit, it’s got to be flame-proofed.

Now, I’ve done a lot of things in my life. But I’ve never had to consider how you flame-proof a deer head. I called a manufacturer of flame-retardants. As soon as I said “deer head” they stated chuckling. And then they hung up on me.

It’s 11 days until the show– we’ve got until then to solve this mystery.

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